“At your call around the clock, to fix the problem with your lock.”

 We at Broadway Locksmith understand that the need for a locksmith can arise at any time, which is why we have at minimum 2 specialists on call around the clock to provide you with a reliable and efficient service 24 hours a day.


Our most common cases: (all of these need to be the professional terms)


  • Key; loss or theft

  • Broken keys

  • Keyhole (that needs to specify the professional term for key removal)

  • Jammed mechanism 


Setting the standard:


We are here for you, quality services require knowledge and skill. As well as and proper materials which require time and experience. 


Your locks are the first line of defense in the safety of your home and your loved ones, which is why in choosing the right company for your locksmith services we want to forewarn you that there are many unscrupulous companies that reduce their price to attract clients but in turn provide unqualified “specialists” lowering their quality of service. 

Saving money may, unfortunately, cost you twice as much in the long run (ex. lock replacement, full replacement of door unit). 


At Broadway Locksmith our main goal is to provide you with a solution using minimally invasive methods ensuring you get exactly what you need. Fast and simple! We pride ourselves in our work and providing a qualified high-quality service for repairing your first line of defense.


Our prices! 

The price will depend on the complexity of the castle and its protective system. Our specialists analyze the job onsite and quote you on the spot before proceeding to do any work. 


We provide emergency services to all 5 boroughs! ( The BronxBrooklynManhattanQueens, and Staten Island )

Trying our best to arrive within 30 minutes of being dispatched to your location.


How we do what we do:


Opening locks has never been an easy task because safety always comes first, the safety of your home and business are the most important thing we value. With the times changing so have locks, locks have become more durable, sustainable and hard to crack. Media and entertainment make it out to be so simple but we do not suggest trying to open your lock on your own for 2 reasons.


1. You may end up needing to replace the lock.

2. You may end up needing to replace the entire door


Don’t get discouraged or blame yourself, call the professionals to get the job done and enjoy! It happens more often than you think.

Save the number for a rainy day +1 646-349-1718


“Fix your lock, around the clock” there are cases where even the best specialists just can’t open the lock. In the case of an urgent situation, we do offer on the spot replacement services to our valued clients.


Prior to opening any premises, we will require documented proof of ownership or confirmation from the owner or landlord of the building.

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